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Sector Education and Training Authority (SETAs) have been established to manage the many skills development needs. Each SETA coordinates skills development in its particular sector and offers SETA learnership grants. For the purposes of planning and managing the delivery of training, the economy has been divided into 23 sectors, each of which has its own SETA.

The SETAs use a small amount of this money (not more than 10%) to cover their administrative costs. The rest of the money is used as SETA learnership grants. There are two types of grants – mandatory grants based on the levy paid by employers, and discretionary cash grants.

Employers who are up-to-date with the payment of the skills development levy can claim grants from their SETAs. The mandatory grants, for submission of a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and an Annual Training

Report (ATR) of performance against the Workplace Skills Plan, must be paid by the relevant SETA as long as the employer submits the application on time and provides proof of training as per the Workplace Skills Plan.

SETAs can pay discretionary SETA learnership grants to employers, learners, providers and other stakeholders for various skills development initiatives aimed at the achievement of the objectives of the National Skills Development Strategy.

We can help you apply for the grant with your relevant SETA.

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