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The Employment Equity Act, Act 55 of 1998, was established to address unfair discrimination and ensure equality in the work place.

The aim of the Employment Equity Act is:

  1. To promote equal opportunities and fair treatment to all in the workplace by eliminating unfair discrimination; and
  2. To implement Affirmative Action (AA) measures to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced in the past by members from designated groups.

How we can assist you in becoming compliant with the Employment Equity Act

  • Facilitation of the process too complete EEA1 forms by all employees.
  • Facilitation of the process required to establish an EE Committee.
  • Facilitation of the process to appoint an EE Manager.
  • Development of the EEA2 (Employment Equity Report).
  • Development of the EEA4 (Income Differentials Report).
  • Supply the EEA3 forms – summary of Employment Equity Act (i.e. Posters).
  • Development of an Analysis Report.
  • Recommendations to Management and Committee regarding numerical goals & targets and EE Plan.
  • Consultations/meetings with the Employment Equity Committee and/or Management.
  • Development of an Employment Equity Plan.
  • Draft documents required to implement the process successfully:
  • Appointment letters for EE Manager;
  • Appointment letters for EE Committee members;
  • EE Policy;
  • EE Constitution.
  • On-line submission of the EEA2 and EEA4 to the Department of Labour

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